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LC TPC «LARZHEN» uses the equipment for coal production (charcoal kiln) that meets the requirements of State standard of the Russian Federation. Besides it is completely safe for an environment as three is not only waste burning in furnaces but also residues of carbon.

Today there are great variety of the furnaces distributed in the production of wood coal. The differences are based on the method of delivery of coolant into the wood. In this case it is possible to avoid contact with the flue gas. In other words wood products is located in a separate chamber.

how we produce

  • The raw material is heated directly from the walls which reach the desired temperature using the coolant.
  • The procedure of feeding raw materials is through the activation and hopper. Loading can be manual or automatic with the use of special conveyor or a mechanical cleaver type. When the wood is completely loaded in a chamber starts the processes of drying and pyrolysis.
  • When the temperature detector will indicate that the wood is completely dry the remaining gases are sent to a special chamber for cleaning. They will be burned without any additional support.
  • In order to increase the productivity of the furnace for the production of charcoal we use a special process. It involves sending the remaining heat from the pyrolysis chamber into the chamber for drying. Then these compartments are changing their roles. In other words the curing chamber becomes pyrolysis, while the other compartment is placed into the drying mode.
  • The result is ready wood coal in the camera. It’s subsequently placed in separate boxes for cooling. After the procedure of drying in the chamber condensation can form. For condensation’s output is used special nozzles.

production process

The main stages of production:

Charcoal kiln for production of coal provide the conditions for pyrolysis. This process is divided into the following main stages:

1. Drying at a temperature of from 120 to 150 degrees. There is the allocation of water.

2. The beginning of the decomposition process at a temperature of from 150 to 275 degrees. There are the allocation of  carbon dioxide and acetic acid.

3. The Formation and evaporation of the main decomposition products occur at a temperature of from 275 to 450 degrees. There is the allocation of ethers, hydrocarbons, acetic acid, carbon monoxide and the others.

4. The wood residue ignites (calcined) at a temperature of from 450 to 550 degrees. Begins the evolution of heavy resins, hydrocarbons, etc.

All stages are accompanied by a supply of heat.

ready production

The composition of the finished material:

  • Wood coal having obtained as a result of all these treatments is composed of nonvolatile carbon. Its share is about 78%. The ash content is at a level of about 2.5%. The humidity does not exceed six percent.
  • Charcoal kilns for charcoal production can cover the treatment of long-length and short-length sticks of waste coming from sawmills. Approximately 75 cubic meters of birch per month could give about 7.5 tons of charcoal.

LLC TPC «LARZHEN» is ready to organize the supply of wood charcoal for domestic consumption of high quality packaged in bags of 3, 5 and 10 kg.

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