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automobile carriage

your advantages

  • Fast delivery — you will have time to do everything on time.
  • Mobility — you will receive you cargo in the hand of your stock.
  • We offer you to book necessary quantity of production you need.
  • Door-to-door cargo or passenger delivery without additional overloads or transfers on the way.
  • Autonomy of the vehicle.
  • High speed delivery.
  • Wide scope of application by territorial basis, types of cargo and communication systems.
  • Shorter travel compared to natural waterways.
  • Greater mobility, ease of movement and the ability to quickly respond to changes in clients demand allow vehicles to often be out of competition for cargo traffic on local lines.


your advantages

  • Large volumes — You will be able to freight small factory or a big city.
  • Economy — you will save a lot of money on shipment costs.
  • Container, bulk, oversized — You will be able to get everything you need.
  • Almost unlimited carrying capacity of rolling stock and throughput capacities of port facilities.
  • Low cost of transportation (according to this criterion, sea vessels are second only to pipelines suitable for the delivery of a limited number of goods).
  • The ability to organize and carry out mass intercontinental and international transportation.
  • Low investment in the development of maritime transport infrastructure (maritime communications do not require significant investment in its creation and maintenance, with the exception of channels).
  • Elaboration of international maritime legislation governing maritime transport.
  • Low risks of loss, damage, theft of goods.
  • Minimum risks of untimely dispatch, as well as high regularity of departure of ships (for linear navigation) in the navigation period.

railway carriage

your advantages

  • Environmental independence.
  • The efficiency of railway transport becomes even more obvious when one takes into account its advantages such as high speeds of a rolling car flow, versatility, and the ability to master cargo flows of almost any capacity (up to 75-80 million tons per year in one direction) i.e. high throughput and carrying capacity, calculated in tens of millions of tons of cargo and millions of passengers per year in each direction.
  • Rail transport provides the ability to relatively quickly deliver cargo over long distances.
  • Rail transport makes it possible to create a convenient direct connection between large enterprises, which reduces the number of expensive freight transportation.
  • High maneuverability in the use of rolling stock (the ability to adjust the rolling stock, change the direction of cargo flows, etc.);
  • The regularity of traffic.
  • Possibility of effective organization of loading and unloading.
  • A significant advantage of railway transport is the relatively low cost of transporting goods.

air transportation

your advantages

  • Air transport provides the highest speed of cargo delivery.
  • Highest cargo safety during cargo delivery by air.
  • Air transport provides delivery of goods to remote and inaccessible regions. Low packaging and packaging costs. Low insurance rates.

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