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Trade and Production Company «LARZHEN» (LLC TPC «LARZHEN») was established in 2016 to conduct activities in the field of foreign trade activities, in particular for the export of goods from the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).


Our main goal is the export of the goods made in Russia to foreign markets by organizing the exported supply chain for Russian producers and exporters. We take care all solutions and tasks connected with organization of logistics, international transportation, preparation of permits and customs clearance.


Initially the scope of the company was limited by activities in the field of timber logging, production and organization of supplies of sawnwood, woodcoal for barbeque, drinking water, roundwood, equipment and building materials and breeding and sale of various agricultural animals’ breeds.

Now LLC TPC «LARZHEN»  is engaged in sales and supply for the export of the following types of products:
— Charcoal for domestic use;
— bathhouses and houses from a log house;
— boards and lumber;
— Rubber crumbs for construction;
— peat substratum, fertilizers, soil and fuel peat briquettes;
-building materials;
— machines and equipment for various industries;
— building composite materials, fiberglass composite reinforcement, basalt grid, composite profiles, etc.;
— any goods produced in the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union which may be in demand on foreign markets.


Our production base is located in Boyarinovo village, Sebezhsky district, Pskov region.

LLC TPC «LARZHEN» has forests with a total area of ​​about 1000 hectares which are owned.

Our production base is located in the village Bojarinovо of Sebezhsky district of the Pskov region.

The founders of LLC TPC «LARZHEN» have a total area of forests about 1000 hectares are in their property.

All products are made of environmentally friendly high quality natural resources. So lumber, timber, wood charcoal, firewood are made from high quality woods such as birch, pine, aspen, spruce, alder and oak.

Besides TPC «LARZHEN» owns about 500 hectares of land and about 100 hectares of land we rent in the most beautiful places of untouched nature, located near the Western border of the Russian Federation. We can offer You to use this land (rent/sale) for the creation of infrastructure projects in the field of recreation, tourism, improvement of living standards in Russia and other recreational activities.

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Роман Волков, учредитель, ТПК ЛАРЖЕН

Roman volkov -CEO and CFO

I have been living in customs and foreign economic activity for more than 15 years! Worked in the Federal Customs Service of Russia, structures of JSC Rosoboronexport, in the management of foreign and Russian importing companies, customs representatives and exporters of high-tech products. PhD of Sociological Sciences.

Дмитрий Антонов, учредитель, ТПК ЛАРЖЕН

Dmitriy Antonov - Development director and CFO

Knows from the inside the system of state and customs authorities at all levels! He worked in managerial positions in the region of the North-West Customs Administration, was the head of the Burachki border crossing point of the Pskov customs, held managerial positions in customs representative companies and exporters.


Sergey Volkov - Director for International Cooperation

Giant experience in teaching and international commercial activities. He worked as an international consultant and simultaneous interpreter in projects of JSC "Gazprom", JSC "RSK" MIG ", etc.

Татьяна Волкова, генеральный директор, ТПК ЛАРЖЕН

Tatiana Volkova - Chief of GR department

Experience in the public sector for over 10 years, oversaw the development and improvement of customs legislation in terms of special customs procedures and the movement of vehicles by individuals across the EAEU border.

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