we offer the land for infrastructure projects

We offer the land for sale near the western border of the Russian Federation

land for sale

We offer you to buy the land for your infrastructure projects

  • LLC TPC «LARZHEN» has forests of various species with a total area of about 1000 hectares are in its ownership.
  • TPC «LARZHEN» owns about 500 hectares of land and about 100 hectares of land are rented by us in the most beautiful places of untouched nature located near the Western border of the Russian Federation.
  • We can offer You to use these lands (rent/sale) for the creation of infrastructure projects in the field of recreation, tourism, improvement of living standards in Russia and other recreational activities.

Land sale in the sebezhski district of pskov region

You can address for asking any questions including purchase and lease of lands by phone: 

+7(985) 188 58 91

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