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  • Warehouses were fully equipped with everything necessary. Employees of the companies maintain optimal temperature conditions and humidity levels in the room. The facilities are equipped with modern security and control systems, this allows you to take responsibility and guarantee complete and reliable safety.
  • The entrance to the warehouse is equipped with convenient parking, and you can come to pick up or bring your property at any time, or just check its storage and integrity. Placement of things is done using modern warehouse equipment.
  • The company takes on the process of organizing such storage and placement, you only need to leave a request and sign an agreement. Everything else (calculation of the cost agreed with you, preparation for the storage of trusted items, their delivery to the warehouse) will be done for you by experienced employees of the company.
  • Warehouses operate around the clock and seven days a week, so you always have free access to your property.

OUR container terminal

  • The container can be used repeatedly for storage and movement of almost any cargo. Universal containers received the greatest advantage due to their modality in layout during loading and unloading operations in transport.
  • The design of the container ensures the safety of the cargo on all types of transport during its movement (transportation).
  • Due to the processing speed of containerized modular cargoes, the costs of this type of cargo transportation and the cost of container cargo flows are significantly reduced.
  • There is no need for intermediate storage services (work), since the container itself is already a small storage module.
  • The containers are standardized in terms of weight, dimensions and connecting sizes of docking devices for fixation, as well as the mechanisms of loading and unloading machines.
  • The load is fully protected from the effects of the environment.
  • Container cargo flow is easily processed due to the modularity of containers and standardization of their sizes and tonnage, which allows the introduction of full automation of the processing of cargo flows.
  • The speed of loading and unloading significantly reduces the downtime of expensive vehicles. Which significantly reduces the cost of transportation.
  • The versatility of containers by size makes it possible to assemble different volumes of cargo into separate modules, which, in turn, are easily combined during loading operations.
  • For almost any cargo, both by weight and volume, you can choose the appropriate container, and therefore arrange for its delivery from door to door.
  • The entire container line is selected in such a way that it easily fits into any means of transport, both on sea and on land (rail and road) transportations.
  • When reloaded into another mode of transport, the volumes and weight of the cargo of the container row are also agreed with the truck fleet.

customs bond

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  • A customs warehouse is a place where, in the established manner, warehousing of goods falling under a certain regime is allowed. Most often, this regime is customs warehousing.
  • However, in some cases, goods may be stored in such a warehouse under other customs regimes (for example, goods that are not subject to foreign trade may be stored in customs warehouses established by customs).
  • The economic benefits of customs warehousing.
  • The value of the customs warehouse for entrepreneurship and foreign trade is determined primarily by the fact that goods placed under this regime, on the one hand, are fully subject to the general customs and tax regulation, and on the other hand, with the help of special customs procedures, it is possible to pay customs duties or subject to non-tariff regulatory measures (quotas, licensing, special permits) only upon the fact of a specific transaction. In the practice of foreign trade, in some cases at the time of import of goods it is not known how to dispose of imported goods.
  • The placement of goods in a customs warehouse facilitates the implementation of foreign trade operations, as it allows the merchant to choose between re-sending foreign goods abroad or selling them on the national market, matching his choice with the situation on the relevant goods market and other factors.
  • Using the customs warehouse regime allows for large purchases at a time when the offer on the foreign market seems to be the most profitable, and sell when the demand on the domestic market of foreign countries is most favorable. These benefits are realized to the extent that the legislation provides the owner of the goods with sufficient time to decide on the final purpose of the goods.
  • In the conditions of intensified competition, the use of customs warehouses to provide customers with goods coming in as a replacement, warranty after-sales service, etc., is of great importance.
  • The customs warehouse regime has its advantages for both importers and exporters. When exporting, the owner of the goods gets the opportunity to preliminarily go through all customs procedures related to the export of goods from the country, and then independently, based on the needs of the foreign market and the availability of vehicles, solve the issues of export of goods.
  • When importing, the customs warehousing regime allows the merchant to avoid paying the full amount of customs duties due by importing a large consignment of goods. The preference for importing large quantities is explained by:

1) considerations of savings on overhead;

2) «commercial mobility»: having at your disposal a sufficient supply of goods, you can guarantee the delivery of goods from the warehouse of goods in the shortest possible time if a contract is concluded.

Exemption from customs payments for imported goods placed in a customs warehouse allows the importer to avoid an unfavorable situation when, before the conclusion of the transaction (without any guarantees for the quick sale of the goods), sometimes significant amounts of money are used to pay customs duties and fees .

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