we export boards and sawn wood

We offer the sawn wood material for export

Production process

We use special equipment for the sawn wood:
1. Disc sawmill «KEDR DP - 2»

  • «KEDR DP — 2» — disc sawmill is designed for sawing logs.
  • This sawmill has two disc horizontal cutting offset relative to each other. Disk sawmills differ primarily unrivalled quality and speed of produce: after working disk saw’s products needs no improvement.
  • High precision of geometric forms with unmatched smoothness surface — the distinctive advantages of circular disk sawmills. The disadvantage is increased (compared to the band sawmill) consumption of material because of a much thicker cut compared to the band sawmill.
  • Due to the functionality the sawmills expand the borders of it’s using. Along with woodworking, sawmill machines, disk sawmills are demanded at the furniture factories and in the private sector.
  • Disc sawmill «KEDR DP — 2» is equipped with two electric motors with a capacity of 11 kW. This power is enough margin for processing of all types of trees in Russia Disc sawmill «KEDR DP — 2» has a rugged metal frame that can withstand high loads and allows you to cut heavy logs with a diameter of 500 mm and length up to 7 meters.
  • Compactness and portability is another advantage of our sawmills. Weight of sawmill is 730 kg. Disc sawmill «KEDR DP — 2» are designed for easy assembly and disassembly and in a short time and transportation can be carried out by light-duty vehicle.
  • Disc sawmill operates in temperatures from -25 to +50 degrees.
  • Disc sawmill «KEDR DP — 2» needs a power supply of 380 volts with a capacity of not less than 22 kW (11 kW per each engine) for productive working process. 


Trimming machine «COD-500» is designed for efficient cutting and edging of unedged board to cut lumber.

Trimming machine «COD-500» is ideal machine for double sided cutting of unedged board for further processing into cut lumber.

Features’ edge-trimming machine:

• Cutting the material in two directions

• Screw with trapezoidal thread for quick installation size of material

• Leverage with quick lock size

• Grooved guide rail of the frame

• Cutting optimization

• Laser ruler (optional)

• The ability to work one or two disk drives simultaneously

• Reliability and ease of operation and maintenance

All boards are manufactured in accordance with State Standard of Russia 24454-80 based on maximum deviations from the nominal sizes of lumber.


Length: +50 mm; 25 mm.

Thickness up to 32 mm (± 1,0 mm), 40 …100 mm (± 2.0 mm), 100 mm (± 3.0 mm).

Width (cut timber): up to 100 mm (± 2.0 mm), 100 mm (± 3.0 mm).

For lumber shorter than 1.5 m the maximum deviations are not installed.

our Quality

We produce quality wood sawn according state standard gost

We would like to offer you:

  • sawn wood with the sizes according your technical requirements;
  • sawn wood with necessary percentage of humidity;
  • sawn wood made from different breeds of wood such as pine, birch, oak and etc.

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